Moves, Adds, & Changes

Moves, Adds, & Changes

Moves, Adds, & Changes

Moves, Adds and Changes are still a part of business life.

Kennacom provides a professional and cost effective moves and changes service. We can give fixed, per user costs to allow Facilities, Office and IT Managers to accurately budget your move add change requests, we include this as part of your service catalogue if required.

We use a set methodology for your moves and changes. This begins with a simple audit of the desktop environment, which allows us to ensure that after the desktop relocation everything is in the correct place.

How often is an employee left re-arranging telephones, mice etc. after a PC move?  Little details can make a big difference. Upon relocation, desktops and telephones are reinstalled and tested and placed exactly how you left them at your origin location.

For your convenience we usually conduct moves and changes after hours, but can also provide services  to work as part of your team performing ad hoc desk moves during normal business hours.

Telecom or Computer Inner Office Desk Moves

Voice & Data Cabling Installation

LCD/Plasma TV install/relocations

Projector Insallation or Relocation

Desk Numbering

Other services which may compliment your moves and changes are;

Computer Cleaning

IT Disposal

To discuss your desk moves, and get a ‘per desk’ or full project quote, call us now at 216-236-4136