IT Relocation, Computer Moves

IT Relocation, Computer Moves

IT Relocation, Computer Moves

Whatever the requirements of your office move, we have a solution to meet your needs.  We are a one stop company that handles Office Removals, IT Relocation,
Voice & Data Cabling.  Kennacom can provide you with a single point of contact.  This means only one number to call when you need to amend a plan at the last minute, or require advice on your office move.

The employees hear about the office moving and their first question is likely to be, “So when is my computer going to be up and running again?!”

At Kennacom, we know that if there is any one aspect of an office move that matters most to your employees, it’s their computer.  They want to wait until the last possible second to have it unplugged and they need it plugged back and booted back up asap.

Kennacom has a proven track record of managing computer relocations.  We’ll coordinate with your IT Department to ensure:

Complete inventory planned out.

Cables are unplugged by IT personnel.

Each desktop, laptop, CPU is packed securely.

Inventory is relocated properly either into new space or into storage.

Cables are re-installed by IT personnel.

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We only use experienced personnel from each area to ensure consistent, high quality results for your office relocation.

A dedicated move manager is appointed to every office move project, irrespective of size or complexity. From the initial planning meeting to the moment your staff log on to their computers, we will be on hand to deal with any issues quickly and efficiently.  Our project coordinators are experienced professionals who have acquired their skills through years of office moves.

Kennacom’s uniformed staff can decommission your computers, telephones and other IT equipment. Everything will be safely packed and transported to its new location. Once in place, the hardware will be reinstalled and tested if required.



We also offer a number of related services which are ideal to carry out during the downtime of your relocation.

  • Computer Cleaning
  • IT Disposal
  • Cable Management
  • Voice & Data Cabling


Contact us to discuss how we can assist with your IT Relocation Project or call us now at 216-236-4136