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At Kennacom we take pride in all of our work.

Since our doors opened in 2002, we have been proudly serving Northeast Ohio for over 15 years. Kennacom is a computer repair shop based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Our team focuses on providing fast and friendly service at competitive prices. In addition to our commitment to excellent service, we’re proud of our free estimate promise that can’t be beat!

What We Do

Desktops and Laptops:

Virus Cleanup and Computer Optimization:

Our skilled technicians can clean up a virus infection on your computer to save you time and money, and more importantly, save you from the potential loss of those critical files.

Data Backup & Recovery:

Do you need your data backed up from an old computer?  Do you need a large data transfer.  Kennacom can help you make sure that your important data is backed up and protected from loss.  If you have experienced a computer crash or your hard drive is broken, we can help you begin the process of data recovery.  Kennacom approaches data recovery from several processes depending on the severity of the problem. 

New Hardware And Software:

Kennacom can install new or replacement hardware, much of which we either carry stocked or can quickly get, into your new or current computer.  Upgrades to memory, hard drives, CD drives, memory card readers, and software are no problem.

In the unlikely event your operating system needs reloaded, Kennacom can handled that with no need for your computer to be sent away.

We’ll help you install and configure e-mail accounts or software applications on one computer.
(All software sold separately.)
We’ll activate your software if necessary, and install any critical updates.
Final Touches: We’ll configure the software to your specifications. We can also set up a desktop shortcut, a Start Menu item, and an icon on the Quick Launch toolbar.
Get the most out of your computer or tablet. Wherever you may have purchased your products, we’ve got the expertise to set it up for you. We’ll take you through first-time startup, update and install software, and ensure your new computer or tablet is ready to perform at its best.
We will come to your home or office and professionally install your computer system, tablet, mobile or networked device, or the technician can diagnose software or hardware issues on one computer system or device.

Don’t have time to take your computer to one of those pricey repair retail stores? Let us do a house call. Our onsite services are billed on an hourly basis.  We also have the ability to securely connect to your computer to provide remote support and diagnostics.

Contact us today to discuss your needs! 216-236-4136

Come to your home:
Listen as you describe the computing needs you have
Review your current devices, software, and usage, including:
Security software
Data back-up plan
Network setup and devices
Content-sharing needs
Media sources
Recommend integration options, and upgrades.

Home Wifi Setup:

Setup your router to maximize performance and optimize security.
Connect all requested wireless devices
Customize advanced settings, guest networks
Setup Wi-Fi Priority for your important devices
Assess your current setup and signal strength
Help setup a unique network name, and Wi-Fi password to protect all your personal data.



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